[Tracker] GNOME module proposal?

Hi all,

So I was reading some blogs and noticed that now is the time to propose GNOME inclusion for Tracker if we want to do it.

So what I want people to think about is: Do we want this?

I think we should try to align ourselves with *some* release schedule. Right now we not really aligned to anything and that doesn't help us get our code out there.

We did clean things up for Ubuntu last release, but 0.7 won't be anywhere near ready for the next release out in a month or so.

The only question I have is, does Tracker being a fd.o project != GNOME module inclusion given it is supposed to be cross desktop.

Personally, it is +1 for me.

If you guys agree to this in the next few weeks or so, I will post to the desktop-devel list with our request.


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