Re: [Tracker] Running tracker on an Ubuntu server box?

Daniel Bo schrieb:
On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:30 AM, tigerf <tigerf web de> wrote:
Old school approach:
Isn't there a DBus- (or even better: tracker-) commandline application
available, which could be fed and executed by PHP and whose results
(=matching filenames found) are then parsed, beautified and sent to the
look at these commands
Thx! I just set up an Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop and tried these. Behaved as
expected, exactily what I need, ...but running on the server OS.

So I installed tracker on my server edition using "apt-get install
tracker" (what led to 141 MB of all kinds of new stuff, btw).

My first attempt to start the tracker daemon with "trackerd" resulted in

"DBUS ERROR: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed occurred with
message dbus-launch failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch
error: X11 initialization failed.

ERROR: could not get the dbus session bus - exiting"

what makes sense to me, since my server has no GUI, X11 etc and thus no
dbus. Resolving this is beyond my knowledge, I fear.

May be it is no good idea to try to wrestle tracker into a GUIless
server ubuntu edition. Looks like nobody tried this before.

On the other hand, when reading about trackers modest memory
requirements, high speed and back-/frontend architecture, I'm tempted to
dig further.

Just thinking loud here:
When developping such a mighty and  modular tool, why limiting yourself
to GUIified OSes?

For example, an Apache module based on tracker delivering links to all
kinds of ressources residing on this server could be a very useful NAS
application right out of the box. Kind of "Google for the masses", if
you like ;)
May be I'm just missing the point.

and you can probably do PHP parsing on the output.
no doubt, once it runs ;)

Thanks to all

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