Re: [Tracker] Merging the indexer-split branch to TRUNK

2008/9/25 Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Michael Biebl wrote:
2008/9/25 Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Hi all,

After the hackfest this past weekend Jamie and I resolved the final
issues for the merge to go ahead with everyone's consent.

So the plan is to prepare for the merge today and to do the actual merge

So far the planning consists of:

1. Merging all .po files over from TRUNK to the indexer-split branch.
2. Fixing any remaining migration paths for binaries.
3. Fixing database migration paths.
4. Commit any outstanding patches (e.g. the IMAP uid=NULL patch).

If there is anything here I have missed, please let me know.

So far #1 and #2 are done. We are thinking about how to detect #3 and in
that case to force a reindex (which effectively removes the database
files and starts again). As for #4, this should be done some time today.

Please remove this again from

# Clean up any old trunk files that might exist which we don't use now
        rm -Rf $(bindir)/trackerd
        rm -Rf $(bindir)/tracker-indexer
        rm -Rf $(bindir)/tracker-thumbnailer
        rm -Rf $(bindir)/tracker-extract
        rm -Rf $(datadir)/tracker

This is really ugly.

I don't really care how beautiful it is. I care about bug reports and
people complaining on this mailing list when they can't run the project
because of old binaries which conflict with new binaries. Jamie has
already ran into this. Without this there is *NO* migration path. Are
you really saying we shouldn't care about that?

The vast majority of users will use via their favourite distribution,
where the package management system will take care of it. So imho your
point is almost moot.

For people actually reading the mailing list and testing trunk, it
should be enough to announce this issues via email.

Right now I'm unable to actually *compile* tracker as unprivileged
user, as it tries to remove /usr/share/tracker.

Deleting stuff without notice is a no-no too, imho

If you are worried about users testing svn snapshots, make an install
hook which issues a warning at the end of the install phase, if old
binaries are found, but please don't silently nuke existing data.


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