Re: [Tracker] why only enable inotify on tracker trunk?

Hi Jerry

El vie, 17-10-2008 a las 15:21 +0800, ext Jerry Tan escribiÃ:
I remember that tracker 0.6.6 support both inotify and gamin,
so it can work on solaris since gamin is there.

but when I check out trunk code, I found that it has only support for 
which only exists on linux.

 Now we are using gio (in glib 2.16) to monitor the file system. I have
found this:

Here's the deal.  Glib 2.16 includes a lot of the file management
code  that was previously included in gnome-vfs.  Part of that code
is a file monitor wrapper which allows the new GIO subsystem to get
real-time file update information.  This wrapper has FAM, inotify,
and Solaris backends. 

 So maybe you need to check your glib or gio is compiled correctly with all the necessary modules.



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