Re: [Tracker] tracker as full text index/search tool for a large collection of pdf, ps, djvu, dvi documents?

On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:31:10 +0300
Ivan Frade <ivan frade nokia com> wrote:

 All these symptoms point to the same problem. Tracker uses the
default.service file to build the common.db database. If the database
already exists, tracker doesn't check if it is up to date. So, even
when you added the mimetype to the proper category, common.db has not
been rebuilded. 

Remove ~/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db and restart tracker. 

OK, thank you.  
I did this and now /usr/share/tracker/services/default.service
is used by trackerd and common.db is newly generated and it also
contains the new data (I checked it with "sqlite3 common.db .dump") 
it has no influence on the working of trackerd.
I added "image/vnd.djvu", "application/x-gzpostscript" and
"application/x-bzpostscript" to the mime types for the "Documents"
service in default.service; but  trackerd still uses service "Other"
for .ps.gz and .ps.bz2 files and service "Image" for .djvu files and
doesn't index them. (I also added simple filters for the compressed
postscript types.)

Any ideas?


from the log:

14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - processing /home/hellmund/PS/ with action TRACKER_ACTION_CHECK and 
counter 0 
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - mime is application/x-bzpostscript for /home/hellmund/PS/
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - file extension is bz2
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - file /home/hellmund/PS/ is indexable
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - file /home/hellmund/PS/ has fulltext 0 with service Other
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - Indexing /home/hellmund/PS/ with service Other and mime 
application/x-bzpostscript (new)
14 Oct 2008, 22:33:27:975 - service id for Other is 11 and sid is 425 with mime application/x-bzpostscript

from common.db:

$sqlite3 common.db .dump| grep x-bzpostscript
INSERT INTO "FileMimes" VALUES('application/x-bzpostscript',4,' ',' ',' ');

$sqlite3 common.db .dump| grep pdf
INSERT INTO "FileMimes" VALUES('application/pdf',4,' ',' ',' ');

$sqlite3 common.db .dump| grep Documents
INSERT INTO "ServiceTypes" 
 ',' ',' ',' ',' ',' ',' ',' ',1,' ',' ',' ',' ','default','Office and PDF based 
files',0,'x-office-document',' ','stdout',' ',' ',' ',' ',' ',' ');

Meik Hellmund
Mathematisches Institut, Uni Leipzig
e-mail: Meik Hellmund math uni-leipzig de

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