Re: [Tracker] Documentation

laurent aguerreche free fr wrote:
Hello again,

Selon Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:

Laurent Aguerreche wrote:
Hi :)

But it can't currently be built :-/

Some files are missing.

(I don't know if you were aware about that.)
Hmm, I did make distcheck and it was successful, so it should work.

Did you run autogen again with --enable-gtk-doc ?

I retried something like "./configure --enable-gtk-doc" but it didn't work.
Then I run ./autogen and I got this:

[...] required file `docs/design/' not found required file `docs/manpages/' not found required file `docs/reference/libtracker-common/'

I checked, these seemed to be missing from SVN. I have added them now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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