Re: [Tracker] Can Tracker ignore diacritics when indexing and searching ?

Hi Constantin,

 It should be almost trivial, but now we are quite busy fixing bugs and
thinking in new DB schemas to do the things better and faster. 

 Please open a bug in We can even tag it as

 Thanks for your feedback,

Ivan Frade

El jue, 06-11-2008 a las 22:29 +0200, ext Constantin Teodorescu
I am using PINOT and RECOLL on Linux indexing & searching a lot of
romanian documents.
On Windows, "Windows Search 4" has an option : "Treat similar /words/
with diacritics as /different words"./

The above programs are designed to IGNORE DIACRITICS (accented letters)
when indexing , making searching immune to diacritics usage.
The reason is that some people in Romania are using diacritics , other
don't and we have both variants, sometime even in the same file.

That's why , it's extremely important for us to have Tracker working in
the same way.
I know that patching Tracker to ignore diacritics when indexing and then
searching is not a very difficult thing.

Fabrice Colin (the designer of Pinot) has done that for Pinot in a
couple of days.

Is there a chance that someone from the developers to try to do that (I
really, really don't have the time to dig in the sources) , I will
support him with testing on romanian documents.

Best regards and thanks in advance,
Constantin Teodorescu

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