[Tracker] indexing numbers in spreadsheets...

Hi, I recently switched from win XP to Ubuntu and I am using Tracker
as a substitute for Copernic desktop search.

I have found a difference in the way data is indexed. Copernic would
index numbers in spreadsheets (as if it was a string) while it seems
that tracker doesent.

Can I change this behaviour? It was a useful feature for me, since I
have large lists in spreadsheets with identifiers that are numbers,
and it was useful to find them by the number

Bjorn Johansson

Björn Johansson
Professor Auxiliar
Departamento de Biologia
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga
Phone Mob. +351-967 147 704
Phone Dept. +351-253 604 310
Fax Dept.+351-253 678 980

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