Re: [Tracker] Tomboy integration

Hi Dustin,

 Good research job :) 

* trackerd/tracker-utils.h *
- additional type in FileTypes
- additional status in IndexStatus

* trackerd/trackerd.c *
- process_files_thread()
      - add additional "case" (according to IndexStatus) to switch-statement:
add directory that needs to be indexed
- index_entity()
      - add additional "else"-case that calls new tracker_db-funtion
* trackerd/tracker-db.c *
- new function tracker_db_index_notes()
      - calls tracker_db_infex_file
- tracker_db_infex_file()
      - change service lists at beginning: add file type where necessary

 Those hardcoded lists will disappear with patch #523200 if it is

I know that tracker differentiates between the meta data and the
contents of a file. It shouldn't be a problem for me to add another file
to tracker-extract that extracts the available meta data from a Tomboy
note (title, tags, ...).

But I am not sure where I have to put the information about how to index
the *contents* of a file. Which files are responsible for this task?

Ok, Tracker will:

 - obtain the service type of the file from the mimetype 
 - if the service-type has metadata:
    calls "tracker-extract uri mimetype"
 - if the service-type has full text:
    extract the contents (with a filter if neccesary)
    add the contents to the index

 Take into account that mimetype of tomboy files is "text/plain". You
must add a lot of exceptions everywhere :( 
 Good luck, cheer up!



Ivan Frade wrote:
Hi Dustin,

 I think it is great idea. Feel free to work on it ;)

I think that this is a solvable task (Beagle already does it) and would
like to help integrating Tomboy. Since both projects are new to me, I
would like to hear your opinion on how complex the integration would be.
Do you think a Tracker newbie can handle this? :)

 It would be great to add such functionality without modifying tracker
source code, but at the moment it is not possible. 

 I think you should:

1) Add a new category in tracker for TomboyNotes
2) Index the contents of .tomboy directory under that category
3) Apply an special filter for Tomboy notes (<- This the difficult point
because the filter is chosen by mimetype)

 For 1) and 2) follow the example of "WebHistory" category. 

 Give it a try, and if you need some help, dont hesitate to ask in the
mail list,



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