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thanks thats very nice

Its very close to what I had in mind

A few changes/omissions:

1) instead of tracker-index shared lib, only the parser would be shared
(because trackerd would need to parse and stem search terms). the search
api would not need to be shared nor would any other indexing stuff.

2) trackerd's access to db/index would primarily  be read only with
exception of ontology updates. for safe NFS use we must avoid separate
processes writing to same db at same time. so for storing metadata we
would need to  pause (via dbus) tracker-file-indexer if its indexing and
writing to metadata db (for performance reasons we could include option
not to do this and rely on file locking)

3) A User DB which is used for storing user defined metadata + services
(tags + any services stored directly in tracker as their primary store
like bookmarks and other stuff which is not stored elsewhere on disk)

4) ontology would be part of the metadata store. Both processes would
need access to this and virtually no metadata operation could be
completed without onto so does not make sense to separate them. As in
(3) above metadata store would encompass the user metadata db as well as
the indexed metadata db

5) Shared config libs - not just for tracker but for
tracker-preferences/tracker-applet as well

to sum up on shared libs i think the following is needed:

* libtracker-metadata (read/write/search metadata)
* libtracker-parser
* libtracker-config
* libtracker-common (shared utility functions)

For the indexer if we have several processes
(file-indexer/email-indexer/application-indexer etc) then a lot of index
stuff would need to be shared. Im still not certain if to go this way or
just have one index process as emails will have file attachments so its
not clear cut at the moment

anyway forwarding to tracker-list for comment


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From: Ivan Frade <ivan frade nokia com>
To: jamie mccrack gmail com
Subject: Plans for 0.7
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:44:22 +0200

Hi Jamie,

 I prepared a small diagram to clarify the intended architecture for
tracker 0.7. I think that a diagram like this can be very useful to
understand all required refactorings. 

 It represents (what i understood about) your ideas of two different
processes, with my own ideas about how to split the code in clean
modules. The xesam stuff is not included, but maybe we can use the
diagram to clarify how to integrate it.

 Could you please take a look at the diagram? If you think it is a good
enough approximation we can discuss the details on the mailing list. Of
course all questions and comments are welcome. 

Thank you,


P.D. I attach the diagram in JPEG and .dia

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