Re: [Tracker] Restarted the xesam-support branch

Philip Van Hoof <spam-+mS4aLmNmLKG5XvV6lv2jw public gmane org> writes:


Me and Ottela have recreated the xesam-support branch and will be
working on plumbing together support for Xesam in this branch.

The branch revision was 1398. The branch is a "svn cp" of the
indexer-split branch.

anonsvn is:

I've checked out this branch, built tracker, and tried to access it via
xesam fulltext query. This fails with the error:

(trackerd:10336): Tracker-CRITICAL **: Sqlite3 prepared query:'GetXesamMetaDataTextLookups' was not found

What do I need to make it functional? I've followed the instructions in
tests/scripts/testing.txt as much as possible, but without success.

Thanks in advance, and best regards, Michael.

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