Re: [Tracker] The org.freedesktop.Tracker.Files.Create method

Philip Van Hoof wrote:
On Fri, 2008-07-04 at 11:00 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
2008/7/3 Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be>:

Daze[1] actually use org.freedesktop.Tracker.Files.Exist to store user
annotations directly in Tracker. So the API is indeed of use. However
another incarnation of it may be more in order.

The Files namespace would indicate to me that it's strictly about files.
Unless the file must be created doesn't Files.Create make a lot of sense
to me. Files.Exist should be called Files.IsIndexed.

If Files.Create is for creating arbitrary records that don't necessarily
represent a thing like a real file, I personally would call it something

Arbitrary.Create or 
Objects.Create or 

Files.Create right now puts something in file-meta.db, but file-meta is
clearly for "real files"-only. Maybe a arbitrary-meta.db is in place.

With my Xesam hat on I imagine that the Xesam Metadata Storage spec is
going to have something like:

CreateRecord (content, source, fields)

CreateRecord would make sense, except that it tells too much about the
implementation detail of 'records' being used, in my opinion.

For the user of Xesam, it doesn't matter how the indexer stores things.

Where one could store a purely virtual record in the db. The indexer
should automatically pick this up somehow. I have not really thought
the API through so please don't take CreateRecord to seriously. I do
however see the need for something along those lines.

Okay :)

[1]: Daze was a part-serious part-sample application I stirred
together to test Tracker. See

Sure, we can probably adapt it easily to start using a more meaningful
remote Tracker API? :)

I agree with you Phillip, but I have a feeling this will have to be
fixed AFTER the initial release after merging with TRUNK. This being
that we can really only break API for applications like this in major
releases. At least that is what Jamie will say I am sure :)

This isn't the only API in this case. I did post a list of DBus calls to
Jamie a while back (I think you were on it Phillip) which do nothing or
need removing. We will have to add this one to the list and probably
wait for 0.7.


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