[Tracker] GUADEC 2008 and tracker

Hi all,

 Some of the usual suspects in the svn (Martyn, Garnacho, Philip) and me
are going to the GUADEC in Istanbul next week. 

 If any other tracker hackers/fans/enthusiastics are also there and want
to talk with us, drop me a line, or search for the nokia gang in the
event and ask for Ivan :)

 I'll be working on the code of tracker so if you want to help/get
involved is a good moment to come and ask. Also if somebody from Sun or
XESAM are there, could be nice to arrange a meeting to talk about the
next future. 

 hey!, it is a good opportunity to talk face to face, to hack, to
present and discuss our current job. Lets take advantage of it!

 See you in GUADEC,


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