Re: [Tracker] Time for a new release 0.6.5?

On Sun, 2008-01-27 at 03:57 +0100, Laurent Aguerreche wrote:
Le vendredi 25 janvier 2008 Ã 08:39 -0500, Jamie McCracken a Ãcrit :
On Fri, 2008-01-25 at 13:41 +0800, Jerry Tan wrote:
Hi, jamie.
Is there any schedule for 0.70?

I want to know that if there is any todo list for 0.70?
so we can help  some task .

as soon as 0.6.5 is out with all bug fixes we will branch to 0.7

I should have time this weekend to finish all changes and apply
outstanding patches

in the mean time I would be grateful if some of you could test out
patches here:

I checked this one and found several memory leaks + bugs with device
removals. I think the patch is now correct but another read by someone
else would be great...
Something that I'm not happy with is that trackerd may prevent user to
unmount a volume when trackerd is indexing it. It is a problem with big
external hard drives.

I had a quick play and review but not 100% sure yet - might be best to
punt this one to 0.7

I think it handles unmount signal so hopefully tracker stops indexing it
- I mean it should not keep open any files open except for the database
files and maybe the email mboxes when email indexing.

I dont have external usb device to test it with though so would
appreciate more feedback...


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