[Tracker] Not correctly indexing Evolution emails (patch included)

Tracker was not correctly indexing Evolution emails for me (tested on
release 0.6.4, trunk SVN revision 1095).


* I am using IMAP mailbox with an auth description in the URI. 
example: imap://dan;auth=MD5-DIGEST exchange domain/;etc

FWIW, this is a MS Exchange server being accessed through IMAP.

* Observed problem: trackerd was translating this URI into an account
name of "dan;auth=MD5-DIGEST exchange domain" where the correct account
name (and evolution directory name) is "dan exchange domain". The
attached patch fixes the issue for me, but I do not have access to an
account with a imap URI not including this auth information. Patch is
against trunk HEAD revision.

* Observed behavior when this happened was that all sent messages in the
local folders were being indexed, and the console output of trackerd
looked like it was finding the IMAP accounts properly, but no emails
were indexed.

* The attached patch fixes the algorithm to look up account name by imap
URI for the embedded auth case and refactors it into a static function.

* The lookup function is then called from load_evolution_config() when
checking for Evolution accounts, and from open_summary_file() when
matching the summary file to be indexed to an evolution account.

* All changes are confined to src/trackerd/tracker-email-evolution.c

Hope this helps,


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