Re: [Tracker] Showing trackerd's status in ps and top output

On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 11:13 -0800, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
Michael Biebl wrote:
2008/1/3, Jeff Schroeder <jeffschroed gmail com>:
On Jan 2, 2008 7:30 PM, Michael Biebl <mbiebl gmail com> wrote:
2008/1/3, Jeff Schroeder <jeffschroed gmail com>:
A few days ago while staring at ps and tracker was grinding my hard
drive, it occurred to me, "Wouldn't it be nice if trackerd showed its
status in ps / top?".

Are such hacks really necessary? I mean, you can easily query
trackerd's status via tracker-status and also the D-Bus interface.
Well on systems that support it via prctl or setproctitle, I don't see how
it is a hack? It is *really* nice to look at top and see: trackerd (Indexing).
It isn't like I'm saying we should switch tracker to lucene and I'm even
offering to do the coding. If you are dead set against it please say so
again. I'd rather work on a project that accepts small contributions.

Sorry, I didn't want to discourage you, on the contrary. Helping hands
are always welcome!
I was just wondering about the usefulness of this patch, now that we
have something like tracker-applet.
Let's wait what jamie has to say. In the end he decides if this patch
will be accepted or not.


Alright, we'll wait until Jaime says something. tracker-applet is nice,
but not something I'll put on my panel when killall -SIGSTOP trackerd does
the same thing functionality wise :)

In the spirit of opensource, I had an itch and decided to scratch it. If
it would be useful to more people then great. Also, I could modify it to
only use setproctitle(3) or prctl(2) in places they are available.

Jeff Schroeder

There is probably more useful things to do where your time would be most
appreciated to be honest

However if the patch was really small and negligible and protected by
system specific ifdef then I might allow it but Im not sure thats the
case here?


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