[Tracker] Tracker related FOSDEM lightning talk: (Meta)Sepia


just a quick, short term note for those being at FOSDEM in Belgium this weekend.

I will hold a lightning talk tomorrow about (Meta)Sepia, a new general
file browser which makes heavy use of tracker as a metadata storage
and search backend.
I hoped to announce a first beta release on the tracker list last
week, but I didn't make it. There is an alpha for those who are
curious: https://launchpad.net/sepia

The talk will be at Sunday, 24th February at 9h40

Peter Rullmann <peter AT p4n.net>     http://p4n.net     [ICQ: 22931645]
Richard-Wagner-Str. 72, 66111 Saarbruecken, Germany.     +49/681/9388281

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