Re: [Tracker] work items for 0.6.5

On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 19:08 +0800, Halton Huo wrote:

For 1), any idea to get all events for all windows? I'm trying to use
gdk_window_add_filter (NULL, (GdkFilterFunc)xevent_filter, main_icon),
seems only events for the icon are be accepted. 

Any clue?

have a look at:

they seem to keep a list of all windows and listen for events on them -
we should be able to do the same 



On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 18:41 -0500, Jamie McCracken wrote:
On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 21:14 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno ven, 01/02/2008 alle 22.32 +0800, Halton Huo ha scritto:
ïI will take Chinese New Year leave until Feb. 17. If time is allowed, 
I can do 1) and 3).

On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 13:05 -0500, Jamie McCracken wrote:
There are a few things that need doing before for 0.6.5 so if any of you
has time to spare (i have little) so feel free to volunteer:

1) add an optional auto-pause feature to tracker-applet which pauses
trackerd for a few secs whenever a keyboard or mouse event is detected
(use gdk to listen to X event queue for this just like screensavers

this feature would prevent trackerd from slowing down the computer
whenever the user is actively using the machine
Seems good feature. One question is, if user want to do something and
trackerd index at the same time, which means he ïdoes not take the
slowing down, can we offer a choice?

Are we sure this is a good idea?

I mean, it could be interesting slow down trackerd if I'm writing and I
want a responsive OO.o Writer UI, or I'm watching a movie and I don't
want to miss a frame, but pause trackerd at any mouse/keyboard gesture
seems too much...

Usually, when I'm in front of my PC, I move the mouse or hit the
keyboard all the time: do this mean that my files will never indexed? 

OK, I'm exaggerating, but I hope this pause feature will not applied to
first index creation, or will be a pain...

maybe just do it during index merge as thats the only point that hits
I/O hard

In any event we need to make sure we dont slow the computer down so
thats its noticeable as I had a few grumbles from ubuntu devs 


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