Re: [Tracker] evolution email indexing problem

On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 21:27 -0300, Michael Gauthier wrote:

I'm using the version of tracker included with Ubuntu 8.04. I also use
Evolution and have indexing turned on for 68,000 emails. When tracker
restarts (for example when the computer restarts), it seems to perform
some sort of cleanup of the index. Since much of the email I receive is
spam, these indexed emails must be deleted from tracker's index.

Here's where I think things go wrong. Upon starting tracker in a fresh
session, CPU usage spikes to 100% and stays there for hours. Running
trackerd with the --verbose=2 option shows one of these lines appearing
every 15 seconds:

deleting email email://1216488118 9888 21 soyuz/INBOX;uid=289018

Is tracker re-indexing the database after each row is deleted? If so, it
would be much better to delete emails from the index in batches.

it does not reindex - it merely marks as deleted the emails registered
as junk

it should be a lot quicker than every 15 secs (unless you are on a slow
NFS) and should not take more than a minutes or two to do

it could be your email db is corrupted - can you let me know size of
files in ~/.cache/tracker


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