Re: [Tracker] more issues with indexer-split

On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 11:01 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
Jamie McCracken wrote:
As I will be working quite extensively on trunk post merge I require any
major changes to be done ASAP

list of changes required prior to merge (in order of priority) - all of
these already exist and work in trunk:

1) ïtrackerd: Handle file moves - update files in a directory
recursively when a directory is renamed/moved (need to pause indexer
before updating - watch out!). Likewise re-enable update of index from
trackerd as its needed for tagging and other user metadata


This is done in the indexer, the daemon, however, currently has no way
of knowing about files linked by moves. Instead, GIO gives us DELETED
and CREATED events.

That is quite unacceptable I think.

I have created a bug report about this:

We can in the mean time perhaps add some glue by checking the md5sum of
the 2 files to see if they are the same and the events occur within the
same 2 seconds perhaps? I would rather not do this. But it might be
necessary for the time being.

I should also add that when a tmp file is moved to an existing non-tmp
file we consider the latter file as changed and not

this is because a lot of editors, when you save updates to a file,
create a new tmp file and apply the changes there then move that file to
the original file and overwrite it in the process (I believe this is
done for atomicity on NFS)

also we want to preserve the tags and other user metadata on a file so
we cannot delete anything when something is renamed or moved so its
vital we have this sorted


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