Re: [Tracker] Anaylsis of Sqlite FTS 3

On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 05:56 +0300, Ivan Frade wrote:
Hi Jamie

 This FTS3 sounds great, and could help to remove a lot of "home brew" code.

All the above disadvantages can be sorted by forking FTS 3 and

 well, "forking" doesn't sound so good. Specially talking about sqlite
that moves very fast. I dont know the technical details but sqlite
should have places to connect the parsing functions and scoring
algorithms. Something similar to the "collation" functions for the
traditional tables. If it didnt have those things, we can think on add

it has no ranking at all in their index structure

a fork is necessary to add missing functionality - the code for it is
pretty small and we would have to inline the source of it even if we
were not forking as its not built into sqlite so wont be in distros


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