Re: [Tracker] Tracker 0.7 ETA?

On 07/04/2008, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk> wrote:

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 16:29 +0300, Ivan Frade wrote:
> Hi all,
>  We can discuss the roadmap for the next versions.
>  Jamie: do you have any concrete plans?
>  Here is my proposal:
>  The final goal (whatever version number it is) must be a BIG release
> for application developers. In that release tracker will
>  - Offer a complete configuration of service types from .service files:
> including the "Dirs" and "Extensions" properties and what we could
> need.
>  - Include a nice documentation describing the .service format, the
> extractors architecture and how tracker index the stuff. (Using tomboy
> as example?)
>  - Additional doc: how to add new languages, RDF query language.
>  - If it is possible we should complete and document the "VFS" API.
> (Using "Daze" as example?)
>  Then we can announce the big new version and try to convince
> applications developers to integrate their applications, because at that
> point it would be possible without recompiling tracker.
>  Maybe it sounds very ambitious... At least is a nice long-term goal,
> isn't it?
>  To achieve this we must:
> * finish the refactoring (long work, but neccesary)
> * maybe add unit tests (patch in bugzilla)
> * complete service type definition in .service files
> * check for new .service files when tracker starts.
> * split the current trackerd in two processes
> * implement the user DB support and complete VFS api
> * the eternal pending task of XESAM integration
>  We can organize these tasks in different releases. What do you think?
> More tasks to the list? Maybe the refactor is enough to the 0.7.0
> version... and we can develop the other features in 0.7.x releases.
>  This is only my proposal to start the discussion. I expect a lot of
> comments :)

0.7 will pretty much be refactoring + xesam

also possible is your patches for service file and other minor

I will have all outstanding patches reviewed today

The end of the 0.7.x series will include everything needed for devs to
integrate firmly

I also want to finalise index structure for 0.7 so no more reindexing
(that means adding things like a 8-bit language ID to the index and
language detection to the indexing)

If anybody starts hacking on the Xesam API then I should point you to xesam-tools[1]. It contains a small unit test suite for Xesam API providers in test/, it is currently up to scratch with Xesam RC1, and probably also RC2 (haven't checked the details, but I will make a release shortly that will be guaranteed RC2 compat.). Both Strigi and Beagle pass it... If you take a hint :-)

xesam-glib[2] should see a 0.2 release within one to two weeks. It does in fact contain some nifty classes and interfaces for implementing Xesam servers, but I believe Tracker is not meant to depend on dbus-glib, which xesam-glib does (although it would not be rocket science to remove the dbus-glib dep it is not a task I have planned to do in the short term future). 



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