Re: [Tracker] wvText is deprecated

libgsf is one option dependency for tracker.
it is already used to extract meta data from ms office file.


it extracts title, subject, keywords information.

but I don't know if there is any cmd tool based on libgsf to convert ms office documentation into plain text.

Klemens Friedl wrote:
wvware and ole2 are (very) outdated, and the successor of both
libraries/projects is called "libgsf"

The following projects have already moved from wvware/ole2 or will
move soon to libgsf:
gnumeric, mrproject, abiword, libwv2, koffice

The only downside of libgsf is that it relies on GLib 2+ (gnome-lib).
But this is probably a non-issue for the MetaTracker project.

I have talked recently with the libgsf project maintainer (Jody
Goldberg), and he suggests to move to libgsf, as it supports a lot of
more formats (that are based on ole2) and is more matured than older
unmaintained projects (wvware and ole2).


2007/9/26, jamie <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk>:

- Zitierten Text ausblenden -
On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 11:53 +0800, Halton Huo wrote:

tracker use wvText to convert MS word into plain text, here I have some
idea about it:

[1] Tracker use AbiWrod instead
[2] Does openoffice have utility/API to do the convert thing?
dunno about 2 but all major distro's ship wv so we will continue to use
it until something better comes along

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