Re: [Tracker] [HIG] Remove "Preferences" from tracker-preferences Name

2007/10/6, Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>:
Not sure, but just like the HIG says you should not add "Applications"
in Name properties (.desktop file) for applications, I suspect that add
"Preferences" in preferences id odd too.

So, could we remove it? Of course we should use a different name, for
example "Tracker Indexing" or "Tracker Index". We have to keep "Tracker"
'cause other desktop search tools could add their own launcher, but I'm
not sure about "Index" or "Indexing". Any other idea?

Attached the simple and trivial patch to use "Tracker Index" (but read
the previous paragraph).

Some people complained that "Indexing" is too technical, so probably
we should at least also add search in the name.
What about
"Tracker search and indexing"


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