Re: [Tracker] Announce: Nemo 0.1

On Nov 29, 2007 8:22 PM, Sascha Heid <saschaheid gmail com> wrote:
If I do some searches from
Nemo I see a bunch of results in the terminal window, but nothing in the

Same here using the deb for gibbon.
I can see the results from trackerd (runs verbose in a terminal) but
Nemo does not show any files at all.

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it! Especially given the
alpha nature of this release :-)

Since we in Nemo show all files within a given date range by default,
we have chosen to limit the types of files we show. Also to make it
easier finding the files you are looking for by removing all the cruft
you don't care about anyway :-) So that's why there might be search
results from tracker that will not show up. You can change what
filetypes Nemo will index in ~/.nemo/configuration.xml.

Another reason is that the query interfaces for tracker atm. is
somewhat limited. Like we can't say what mime-types we are interested
in, so we need to fetch more results from tracker than we can show and
then filter those based on what is in our local database. The
migration to Xesam will fix this, right Mikkel? :-) Also we didn't
want to give the user results from tracker that was not available
using normal browsing since that would probably be rather odd.

Anders Rune Jensen

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