[Tracker] tracker: please consider dropping dependency on qdbm

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Severity: normal
Tags: patch

  Hi, you may want to have a look at http://bugs.debian.org/452074 for a
background on why.

  Though, the same upstream author released a rework of QDBM named Tokyo
Cabinet, that just hit unstable. Here is a patch that does the following
thing (it needs some review and testing though, but it should be mostly

  1- it replace qdbm with tokyocabinet for the word index use ;
  2- it converts qdbm indexes on the fly (this should be imperceptible
     for the user, tokyo cabinet inserts around 10^6 records per

  The plan would be to keep this in lenny, and remove qdbm use
altogether then.

  Note that tokyocabinet has very interesting APIs to "get" records
directly where they are in memory, avoiding some very costly
malloc/free. And it has some other nitfy performance related features.
My patch is a direct translation of the qdbm code and does not uses
those, you may want to perform some later improvements.

  My patch also assumes external tokyocabinet, and doesn't import the 4
files you'll need to use tokyo cabinet db's (though it's as easy as with


·O·  Pierre Habouzit
··O                                                madcoder debian org
OOO                                                http://www.madism.org

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