Re: [Tracker] no tracker-search-tool compiling from svn

Il giorno ven, 18/05/2007 alle 19.42 +0200, nicky.7 ha scritto:
I just compiled tracker pre0.6 (svn) and i can't "make" the search
gui... why?
I also tried to add a --enable-gui argument to but nothing
to do..
Thanks for your help

Do you have the gnome-dev installed?
The tracker search tool is GTK2 based, so you need the GNOME library to
build it.

note this configure output:


        prefix:                                 /usr
        source code location:                   .
        compiler:                               gcc
        enable gcc warnings:                    yes
        build with debug symbols:               no
        database engine:                        SQLite
        file monitor backend to be used:        inotify
        inotify header location:                linux/inotify.h
        ioprio support:                         yes
        unac accent stripper support:           no
        build search tool (GNOME):              yes
        build preferences ui:                   yes
        build libtracker-gtk:                   yes

If the answer is no on your configure, you are missing some

If the gtk && gnome dep are present the GUI is build for default.


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