Re: [Tracker] Proposed patch: use '~' in the config file

On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 22:44 +0100, Luca Bellonda wrote:

        >>once above is done then I will be happy to accept it.
        >>sorry to be so fussy but I have to maintain the code and
        keep it as 
        >>consistent as possible.

Enclosed here there is the patch to convert relative pathnames to
absolute (and the tilde handling) against the 452 revision with your
latest notes

I can't' use tracker_replace to substitute the tilde because it
replace all the occurrences instead of the very first character 

    I can't replace /ddd/~/dd but only ~/ddd (or ~ddd) 

I renamed the generic_array_to_list to the reflect the real function. 
I cleaned up the code
I inserted realpath to resolve the problem with non absolute paths in 
schedule_dir_check (). 

Sorry to post it again. I hope to not cause too much trouble.

If you don't need this patch, no problem.

sorry I do want this - just real busy atm. I hope to apply all
outstanding patches tomorrow 

thanks for your patience..


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