Re: [Tracker] [PATCH] move icons to more standard locations, make them themeable

2007/3/7, Björn Martensen <bjoern martensen gmail com>:
you should replace the 48x48 folder and its content with the folder
"scalable" and use the svg. the svg is 48x48 but works for every
resolution >=48px.

I mostly followed the recommendation of the fd.o icon spec [1] which
says an application should at least install the 48px version. The 16px
is a bit optimized for better recognizability at small sizes, Neil
asked to keep the 24px for the panel.
This leaves us 22px and 32px.
IIRC 22px is usually used for the toolbar, im not sure about the 32px one.

If you have more experience in that regard please provide some insight ;-)



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