Re: [Tracker] [t-s-t] Tracker Suggests

2007/3/4, Edward Duffy <eduffy gmail com>:
Hey --

Here's a patch I put together this morning that will suggest an
alternate search term if the user's search returns nothing.  It uses
the Levenshtein distance algorithm[1] to compare a search term with
the list of words indexed by qdbm, and suggests the closest match.

If there's enthusiasm for this, this could easily be extended to
return top 5 or 10 or whatever, and have a widget in libtracker-gtk
that acts like the Google Suggests bar in Firefox.

...and a screenshot for those you want to see it without applying the patch:
(the "galerkin" is a GtkButton, when clicked to search with the suggestion).


Levenstein distance is also how  Lucene does fuzzy searches. Maybe your code can be used to implement this generally?

The reason I ask is because the Wasabi spec[1] has fuzzy searches as an extension to the base query language it would be great if tracker could support that :-)



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