[Tracker] Tracker performance: MaxTextToIndex

I have been looking for a desktop search that will index *all* of my PDFs---some of which are thousands of pages long.  Google only turns up one hit when I search for MaxTextToIndex -- the variable in the tracker.cfg file which sets the "maximum size of text in bytes to index from a file's text contents". I have tried setting this to various things---but I cannot seem to get tracker to go further than (say) 20 pages into a document...

Is there a way I can just disable the limit---so as that it will go on until the end of any file it finds?  I only use tracker to index pdfs---so it doesn't have to deal with any of the other junk on my system. I don't mind if the index is large---but if there is a better system I should consider for this, I'd love to hear about it. 

I've recently been forced into trying Google Desktop, which is fine, but suffers from an even stricter limit in this regard (about 10 pages?).

Any handy hits will be VERY much appreciated,


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