Re: [Tracker] [Announce] Tracker 0.6.0 - better late than never!


BTW: Is there any plan  for next version, may 0.70 or 0.6.1?
          Here is the feature I  wish to have in next version
                  Indexing Thunderbird Mail
                  Indexing  Firefox bookmark and history
                  start/stop trackerd from  preferencens
                  search history in TST
Im pleased to announce a new version of tracker with tons of exciting
new features

screenshots can be found here:

Tracker is a combination desktop search and metadata database providing
the ability to tag all your files and emails as well as searching for

New features:

*  Evolution Emails (mbox/pop/imap) now indexed
*  Gaim/Pidgin chat logs now indexed
*  Applications now indexed
*  New files indexed - all spreadsheets, csv (these require gnumeric to
be installed) and oo draw
*  Vastly improved and new search UI using a sidebar for categories and
a new metadata tile
*  Tagging support in the UI
*  New tracker-preferences UI for easy setting of prefs
*  Tons of bug fixes - all major bugs squished!
*  libtracker-gtk widget toolkit
*  Now uses XDG directories
*  Optimised triple store
*  Handles multiple triple stores (files, emails and user data are all
separate dbs)
*  New IDF based ranking algorithm
*  XMP metadata support added
*  Made use of async calls in UI to prevent UI freezing
*  Added 60 second delay before indexing
*  Added support for crawling directories without watching overhead
(useful for indexing source code without causing slowdowns when


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