Re: [Tracker] manual pages

2007/7/18, Marcus Fritzsch <fritschy googlemail com>:

On 7/18/07, Michael Biebl <mbiebl gmail com> wrote:
> 2007/7/18, Marcus Fritzsch <fritschy googlemail com>:
> > As Jamie wants to release, I took a look at the man pages. Is there
> > any policy on how they should be handled?!
> >
> > I now 'fixed' up the trackerd.1 manual, following the suggestions and
> > guidelines of man-pages(7) - as this is the first time I write/fix a
> > manual, please comment!
> Most users that have tracker installed, won't have beagle on their
> system, so I wouldn't include beagle in the SEE ALSO list. Just seems
> a bit odd to include beagle there...

Yep ;)

I thought of SEE ALSO being a selection of relating material, i.e.
also those referenced in the text... Am I worng here?

Well, if you start adding beagle, you'd also have to add recoll,
strigi, nepomuk,  etc.
I usually use SEE ALSO only for very closely related material. Tools
from the same package or direct dependencies, i.e. I can count on the
referenced man pages being installed.

> As a last point, tracker.cfg (5) is not (yet) written.
> So we should either write a tracker.cfg manpage or remove the
> tracker.cfg (5) reference from FILES. I of course would welcome the
> former ;-)

Hehe, I know it's not there ;), but I thought that might change until release ;)

Does that mean, you'd write the man page? That would be great. Or did
I misinterpret you ;-)


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