Re: [Tracker] No metadata in search results

On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 02:13 -0700, Brian Davis wrote:
Jamie, it's great to have you back. Things picked up in my life as
well and Hum development stagnated a bit. I was cleaning up some bugs
when I realized that the metadata issue I was whining about never
seemed to go away for me. Any calls I make to "tracker_metadata_get()"
return pointers to empty arrays. 

I'd love to find out that I'm misusing the API, but the trackerd logs
appear to be properly extracting and returning the correct metadata.

You had mentioned a few months ago that this was a known issue. Is
there a fix in the pipeline?

should be fixed in latest svn - you must reindex to see the metadata
though as the original bug occurred while indexing the data

let me know if it solves your problems


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