Re: [Tracker] Tracker and FUSE filesystems

zer0halo wrote:
btw, Jamie, if you're running Ubuntu, getting encfs set up is extremely quick and easy:

have played around with encfs (with an encrypted directory - not the pam_encfs home dir stuff)

replicated startup problem when opening the qdbm Files but have now committed MAP_SHARED -> MAP_PRIVATE in inlined qdbm to svn so that they now work with fuse out of the box.

1) First test - indexing an encrypted directory. Works as expected - could not see any faults. Stopped and relaunched, indexed some more and still no problems - I could search for old and new stuff.

2) symlinked .Tracker -> ~/visible/.Tracker and copied .Tracker to visible folder (visible part of encrypted folder). Repeated tests as in (1) and no problems found. No crashes, no hangs and all data indexed (I only tested a fairly small dir tree) and all old and new data could be searched fine.

I cant find anything wrong Im afraid - suggest you check out latest svn and try again (after deleting .Tracker)

If you find problems can you please give me reproducible steps if possible.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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