Re: [Tracker] fd.o compliant thumbnailing

On 1/13/07, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk> wrote:
Edward Duffy wrote:
> Ok.  Here's a patch to tracker-thumbnailer to
>  1) Remove the old style /path/to/mime/type_thumbnailer
>  2) Support the Thundar style .desktop file
>  3) If ^^^^^ fails, try gconf's
> /desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/mime type/command key
>  4) Add .desktop thumbnailers for OO.o, Dia, pdf, and ps (all depend
> on imagemagick)
> The thumbnails that get generated are not immediately found by
> nautilus (killall nautilus fixes that), however Thundar appears to be
> tracking ~/.thumbnails, so the thumbnails generated by tracker show
> up.

thanks - mostly ok but...

a few snags:

1) do a svn update - bits of quite old code are in your patch
damn.. 20 revisions off.

2) I dont like the fact that we are parsing desktop files and checking
gconf every time the thumbnailer is called.

me neither...I was hoping to find some serialization mechanism in
glib, but no such luck.

We need to be smarter than that - perhaps stick a GHashTable for
mime->thumbnailer in the tracker struct (tracker-utils.h) and load all
the thumbs/mime at trackerd startup rather than each time we index a
file. That way we can quickly get at the thumbnailer for a mime while

not sure how that would get to tracker-thumbnailer. (?)

3) tracker-thumbnailer should set an alarm for the thumbnailer it spawns
(just in case of reap failure).
this ones been bugging me!  I thought for sure if program A calls
program B which calls program C, and program B dies, program C should
die too!
Guess I'm going to just have to bite the bullet and explicitly set
alarams everywhere.

if it plays out well we could adopt the same desktop format for text
filters (and metadata extractors too once I have altered the code for
that to support external ones like strigii's xmlindexer and third party
ones as well)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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