Re: [Tracker] trackerd patch to alert the user that the dbus connection is unavailable

Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno gio, 11/01/2007 alle 19.13 +0000, Saleem Abdulrasool ha

Attached is a patch that displays a dialog when the dbus session bus is
not available, or if trackerd is unable to connect to it.  I think that
this is useful, as otherwise, trackerd silently fails to start.

In order to display the dialog, there is a dependency on GTK+, but it
does NOT require any GNOME specific libraries.

As for the issue of running trackerd when no UI is available, it should
be a non-issue.  If there is no UI available, it will fall back to the
console only version.  It will however, still fail if no dbus session
bus is available.

Suggestions to improve this are welcome.

You could simply emit a dbus message to use libnotity stuff.

Open a terminal window and launch `dbus-monitor`: then run (on a second
terminal window/tab)

        notify-send -i dialog-error "Tracker was unable to connect to
        session bus" "This error usually means that the DBus service is
        not running. Please ensure buzz buzz buzz"
the output on (first) terminal could help you to build a dbus message to
have the same effect.

Of course, it works only if session bus is working and the connection
issue is trackerd-related...

if it wont work without the session bus then its not much use (as dbus session bus not running is likely to be the most commonest error)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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