Re: [Tracker] tracker's database keeps stale data around

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:

Tracker's database data is not deleted when, for example, a certain
path is on NoWatchDirectory.
I tested by putting /home/user/temp on NoWatchDirectory which had some
text file whose contents continued appearing on the search results.
This becomes a problem because if one modifies such a file, wrong
results appear since such a file's directory is not watched anymore.

we cant delete stuff in tracker thats not being actively watched (which means NoWatchDirectories)

They should not even be indexed in the first place. I guess we could clear out any data in tracker which references nowatch stuff at start up

Another problem that should be related is that Tracker's log file
lists that I have over 20,000 audio files while I only have about
10,000, and I only additionally track /usr/share/doc which I doubt
should contain any audio files, especially that many.

are you sure?

Can you run "tracker-stats" to confirm?

if so bear in mind that any file of mime type audio/* is considered audio (IE wav, voc, real, snd and other audio formats)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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