[Tracker] questions

Two questions about Tracker, if you would. I'm still with 0.5.4 (Ubuntu's repository, as I can't get 0.6.1 to compile):

Quotes in the search term:
:~$ tracker-search mexico | wc -l
:~$ tracker-search "mexico exports" | wc -l
:~$ tracker-search mexico exports | wc -l

Clearly, Tracker will take more than one search term to be linked by "AND" by default.

It doesn't seem, however, to take quotes into account, namely as requiring the search terms to be an exact phrase.

Is this so?

Is there a way of searching with 'OR'?

.cfg and database in the user's home directory:
I don't understand the choice to place the .cfg and database in the user's home directory, if I'm not mistaken.
Is that in order to allow each user their own .cfg files, and therefore preferences and databases? Is it for privacy?
When my son tried to search for terms I had previously usefully used to find a file, he found nothing. I guess because my .cfg and database are different. Is that so?

If so, I would personally prefer to have a single .cfg for the whole system, with one database, searchable by all.
Can this be done?

Haïm Roïtgrund

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