Re: [Tracker] Packages for openSUSE (10.2 and Factory)

2007/8/12, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <tshepang gmail com>:
On 8/8/07, Cesar Izurieta <cesar ecuarock net> wrote:

I just created some rpms for openSUSE (10.2 and Factory). They are available
in the build service home:cesarizu repository at

Currently there's just one package. Is there any preferred way to split
packages, like tracker, tracker-devel, libtracker, tracker-gui?

look at the way Debian does it:

Keep in mind though, that rpm based distros usually use different
naming conventions. (like *-devel for dev packages, and *-libs for the
libraries). I'm not a rpm expert though.
Maybe it helps, to look at the existing fedora and mandriva packages.


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