Re: [Tracker] Tracker's GUI in C

BEST doesnt have the hehehe best interface.  I would try to do
somnething similar to Spotlight or Copernic Desktop Search.

On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 16:41 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
2006/9/10, Jaime Frutos Morales <acidborg gmail com>:
        I'm interested in writting the Tracker's GUI in C.
        Is there anyone already working on it?
        What are the expected features of the GUI? I have had a look
        at and it seems a good
        Any ideas?

I really don't think Best is a "good start". The Best UI also relies
on some gecko rendering that cannot be done with a gtk.TreeView or
gtk.IconView (without some *serious* hacking[1]).

AlsoTracker has so many more features than Beagle (and especially more
than Beagle in the Best days), a UI that fits Beagle is not
necessarily right for Tracker.  A cool up-to-date search UI for
Tracker could contain things like: 

 * Integrated tagging
 * Saved searches 
 * Result clustering
 * Associative browsing
 * Direct metadata editing?
        What dependencies are going to be introduced? I mean GTK 2.8
        vs GTK
        2.10, any gnome-especific lib, etc.

If Tracker is aiming to be included into Gnome 2.18 there's no point
in not depending on gtk 2.10. Gnome does anyways. Or?

[1]: I have actually investigated a bit into this. To do a gui like
that would require what I have dubbed a "CompositeCellRenderer"  (not
related to the composite extension of xorg). A composite cell renderer
allows other cellrenderers to be packed into a single cellrenderer. It
is not rocket science but it is tricky to all the details right (focus
issues fx). I have a Python prototype almost functional, and I have
planned to implement the renderer in C when I grok the details (and
get 30 hours in the day :-D). 

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