Re: [Tracker] Tracker to do list


Rhythmbox has some nice python plugin extensions for getting cover art
and lyrics for songs. It would be cool if we could modify these so
tracker can get this stuff too automatically when files are indexed.
I will give a give a look at this task.

Tracker does not and cannot use python directly but it can of course
call and spawn stand-alone programs written in any language.

So two command line apps in python that take a no of parameters in (not
sure which but could be artist, album and title?) and the final paramter
should be the filename to store the lyrics or cover album png in (all of
which tracker will supply
what "a no of parameters in..." means ?
we may also provide a way to check the cover by the user, or at least provide a way to 3rd parties program to request other covers
APIs that I find useful:
- check change
- request a list of covers, args: artist/album/track...
- check

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