Re: [Tracker] are user-defined tags available?

Here's a script that was posted earlier in the mailing list by Edward
Duffy which will let you easily tag things from Nautilus instead of
having to drop to the command line. Place it in the
~/.nautilus/python-extensions folder to use it. All thanks go to him

On 9/1/06, Laurent Aguerreche <laurent aguerreche free fr> wrote:
Le vendredi 01 septembre 2006 à 10:04 +0200, B Berteh a écrit :
> Hi,


> Thanks for tracker, I (as many others) was amazed by its indexing speed!
> Is there any implementation of user-defined tags yet, that I could associate
> with a few documents and could then query? and if it exists where can I find
> any documentation therefore?

Did you try 'tracker-tag' tool? It lets you add, remove or list tags on
any file or directory and you can query on those tags. Is it what you
are looking for?

Do a 'tracker-tag --help' for help.


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