Re: [Tracker] New deskbar plugin

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
2006/10/31, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk <mailto:jamiemcc blueyonder co uk>>:

    Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
     > 2006/10/30, Ulrik Mikaelsson <ulrik mikaelsson gmail com
    <mailto:ulrik mikaelsson gmail com>
     > <mailto:ulrik mikaelsson gmail com
    <mailto:ulrik mikaelsson gmail com>>>:
     >     About DeskBar,
     >     I recently got a patch in, that adds support for arguments to
     >     tracker-search-tool. Might be an idea to add an action to deskbar
     >     that launches tracker-search-tool with the specified query?
     > Yeah, that should be trivial. Almost exactly a copy of
     > deskbar/handlers/ I might take a look at this if
    I find
     > the time..
     >     Regards
     >     / Ulrik
     >     On 10/26/06, * tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>
    <mailto:tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>>*
     >     < tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>
    <mailto:tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>>> wrote:
     >         On 10/25/06, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <
     >         mikkel kamstrup gmail com
    <mailto:mikkel kamstrup gmail com> <mailto:mikkel kamstrup gmail com
    <mailto:mikkel kamstrup gmail com>>> wrote:
     >         >  2006/10/25, tobutaz gmail com
    <mailto:tobutaz gmail com> <mailto: tobutaz gmail com
    <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>> <
     >         tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>
    <mailto:tobutaz gmail com <mailto:tobutaz gmail com>>>:
     >         >  > Silly me; I'm attaching the correct version.
     >         >
     >         >  Great! I wrote the original and I
    like what
     >         you did. I
     >         >  like italic parent dirs better though as the two-line bold
     >         text looks rather
     >         >  heavy. Micro-mod attached.
     >         >
     >         >  Anyway, I think this might do good in Tracker cvs. I was
     >         initially planning
     >         >  on adding it to deskbar cvs (and that's still not
     >         but we have
     >         >  been talking about outsourcing some of the handlers
     >         app-specific
     >         >  ones).
     >         Apparently deskbar will get a plugin manager in the
    spirit of
     >         KNewStuff:
     >         I guess that means plugins can safely be implemented
     >         >  Jamie: I can add this to Trackers cvs in the python
    dir. No
     >         installation or
     >         >  autotools-fu. Just stick it there so users compiling
     >         can install the
     >         >  handler them selves...
     >         Add it to tracker CVS; we need a reference somewhere.

    MIkkel, should I add this to tracker cvs? Or will it go into Deskbar

Well... That's the question! :-D We (deskbar devs) are discussing whether or not to outsource some of the handlers, but we have not reached a conclusion. I'll have a word with the other deskbar devs, and try and reach a conclusion.

However as long as there is no decision I think it would be ok to have it in tracker cvs, just to let users have "easy" access to it.

okay no problem

I assume if you can auto-detect tracker then deskbar could use it automatically for searches without needing a plug-in?

It would be nice if stuff just works (slab is good example which tries to auto-detect and use beagle without any fumbling around)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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