Re: [Tracker] System tray icon and monitor

Samuel Cormier-Iijima wrote:
I was wondering if anybody would be interested in this: it's a small
program that runs in the system tray and can be clicked on to search,
or right-clicked on to change Tracker settings. I just quickly hacked
this up, but I was thinking it might be cool if the icon changed while
Tracker was busy indexing new events or extracting data, but that
would require new D-Bus functions. Anyways, I think somebody else
coded up a Tracker preferences dialog, I'll take a look at that and
see if there's anything new to add for 0.5.0. Also, I've come up with
another icon for Tracker (Jamie, I think you were looking for one?) to
warm up my l337graphic design sk331z :-). Feedback and comments

Could not get this working (at least it did not show up in edgy's notification area applet)

SHould thisbe installed in a certain directory or something (like a gnome panel applet)?

It sounds good but cant of course comment til I get it working :)

I have added to cvs in python/applet

Mr Jamie McCracken

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