Re: [Tracker] Tracker 0.5.0

Jamie McCracken wrote:
Samuel Cormier-Iijima wrote:
I'm having some problems, although I'm not sure how much information I 
can give.
This happened twice; the first time I deleted the database, but it
happened a second time.


arrgh I might have sent the wrong debs!

I have debs that fixes the infiite loop and some crashes

have now copied over so please download again from same links in the email

Looking at the changes made in cvs to solve the bug:
I can't see how it solved the problem. The infinite loop was in
flush_data (you can tell by the message - it doesn't mention "to
inverted word index") but the changes here are in the function
extract_metadata_thread. Obviously you know your own code better than
anyone, but is it possible that the fix got put in the wrong flushing loop?


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