Re: [Tracker] Feedback for 0.5.0

Erlend Davidson wrote:

I thought one of the main advantages of inotify over dnotify was that there wasn't a limit? Does tracker just use inotify for just the first few files monitored and then re-run the indexer when the limit is reached? Is this how beagle uses inotify?

no tracker will use the primary watching mechanism (either inotify or fam) but when watch limits are exceeded (about 8192 for inotify and ~300 for FAM) we fall back to polling (which polls every hour)

tracker should never reindex files unless they have been touched or modified in some way

tracker will still crawl through to get the directories to watch every time you start up and until we have a better kernel system for mass watching of files thats as good as it can get.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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