[Tracker] File.Keywords misuse

I've got a problem with new tags appearing on files; Â tracker-tag -l
 lists many tags I didn't set explicitly. It turns out that these
tags come from PDF files such as this paper:
http://l4ka.org/publications/paper.php?docid=1200 . These are metadata
stored in the PDF file, they can be seen in the nautilus property

Since pdf's keywords are really different from metadata explicitly and
externally set by the user, they shouldn't share the same
File.Keywords metadata (metadata as in:
http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Standards/shared-filemetadata-spec ).

tracker-tag should probably use a different property, such as
File.UserKeywords, File.ExternalKeywords, File.ExplicitKeywords.
Ultimately, I don't think tracker-tag should limit itself to just one
property - it would be great if it would be able to override and
search any property; for example, override File.SmallThumbnailPath,
and search for File.Rank>5 -a Audio.Artist=Enya .

Gabriel de Perthuis

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