Re: [Tracker] Feedback for 0.5.0

Here's a patch.   When you open a folder, it'll attempt to use
xdg-open first, if that fails it'll fall back on nautilus.

On 11/15/06, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <tshepang gmail com> wrote:
On 10/29/06, Erlend Davidson <E R M Davidson sms ed ac uk> wrote:
> 2. I cannot use the open-folder feature because I do not have nautilus
> installed.  Would it be possible to use xdg-utils so that
> tracker-search-tool doesn't depend on a particular file-manager?
> []

I agree with the guy, so long as xdg-utils will know if one wants
nautilus or something else. Perhaps nautilus would be default, with
other options available. How's the progress on this?
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