Re: [Tracker] Fixes for recent-CVS build warnings

tpgww onepost net wrote:
I recently compiled CVS-tracker (as of 02Nov06) and got a number of warnings, some more serious than others. 
I investigated most of them (except the ones generated by imported sqlite3 code) and fixed most of them. 
Might as well pass the results on to the devs.

I don't yet know if attachments can be posted to this list. So I just dumped things below. Makes it too long, 

next time please submit attachement(s)

have fixed all but the so should be much cleaner for you :)

see below for comments:

./configure: line 24094: GNOME_COMMON_INIT: command not found

CVS includes this

which || {
    echo "You need to install gnome-common from the GNOME CVS"
    exit 1

which seems to be unnecessary. Notwithstanding your interest in getting into gnome 2.18, tracker's 
DE-independence is a plus (especially with the clouds recently looming over mono and thence beagle) worth 
preserving (apart from the GUI, of course)
I substitute 'autoreconf -vfi'. Probably, some auto* wizard can advise on a better way.

In any event, the package builds quite happily without whatever GNOME_COMMON_INIT is assigned to.

./configure: line 25884: ./po/ No such file or directory
Will there ever be any  ?

yes - have left this and as is

there should not be a problem using autogen as its just for build from cvs (tarball releases will have a configure in them)

These imported sqlite warnings have not been investigated:
btree.c: In function 'sqlite3BtreeDelete':
btree.c:5394: warning: 'szNext' may be used uninitialized in this function

select.c: In function 'generateSortTail':
select.c:696: warning: 'pseudoTab' may be used uninitialized in this function

tokenize.c: In function 'sqlite3RunParser':
tokenize.c:397: warning: nested extern declaration of 'sqlite3ParserAlloc'
tokenize.c:398: warning: nested extern declaration of 'sqlite3ParserFree'
tokenize.c:399: warning: nested extern declaration of 'sqlite3Parser'

vdbe.c:4680: warning: 'res' may be used uninitialized in this function

A bunch of signed-unsigned comparison warnings related to sqlite have not been investigated

yes quite dirty - get sqlite to fix these!

tracker-ioprio.c: In function 'ioprio_set':
tracker-ioprio.c:50: warning: implicit declaration of function 'syscall'
tracker-ioprio.c:50: warning: nested extern declaration of 'syscall'

Some missing #include, not sure which (I have glibc 2.4)

its unistd.h (not linux/unistd.h) have fixed

Mr Jamie McCracken

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